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5 Simple Steps to OPEN to POSSIBILITY

It’s very easy to get set in our ways. Even when it is obvious that something isn’t working, many people continue to try the same thing over and over again. So often, we remain closed to new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of thinking or doing things.

When we are open to possibility, we instantly create the opportunities for new, different and often better outcomes than we could have ever imagined.  The first step to growth, change & evolution on any level is to be open to options. Once we open our eyes, minds and hearts to possibility, we become instantly aware of what is available to us.  It may seem simple & obvious when we actually stop to think about it, but so often that’s just the problem, we don’t stop to think about it. We fail to consider the possibility.

The wonderful thing about being open to possibilities is that they are simply that: possibilities. We don’t have to choose to take them, or to change what we’re already doing, we’re just open to the fact that these possibilities exist.  This gives us greater vision, more knowledge, other options and sometimes greater resolve. Once we see the possibilities, we can decide if we want to take a new, and possibly even greater, path. If we don’t like what we see, we can keep doing what we’re doing, but we’ll be making a choice, instead of falling into habit or continuing to stick with something because it’s all that we know.

Opening to possibility helps us move forward when we’re stuck, increases our creativity, and gives us confidence and enthusiasm for the future. It not only motivates & inspires us, but it can put us in a more positive frame of mind and help us to be more understanding of the ideas and actions of others. We’re more likely to embrace change, let go of the past and turn conflicts into opportunities.

Give it a try – You’ll never know what might be possible if you do!

Here are 5 simple steps to OPEN TO POSSIBILITY:

#1: IMAGINE/VISUALIZE/ INSPIRE/CREATE – Allow your creative juices to flow!  Remember when you were a little kid & you used to use your imagination all of the time?  To create stories, scenarios, fantasies! That imagination of yours is a powerful tool. Spend some time exercising it & you will find your ability to think of new possibilities increase.  Do some creative writing in a journal or blog, make a vision board, draw or paint from your mind, or simply daydream.  Take time to get into your imagination & see what comes up!  You can look for inspiration through art, literature or nature to get you started. Do something creative daily to keep your imagination muscle in good shape.

#2: CHALLENGE/QUESTION/ RE-EVALUATE – Listen to yourself, watch yourself, and notice your patterns. Are there certain things that you ALWAYS do or ways of thinking that you feel are set in stone? Take a look at those ways of being, doing and thinking and just evaluate them. Ask yourself the question why? And could things be different?  Challenge your ideas about how things should work, and consider that you may not know the best/right/only answer. Challenge your beliefs about what you can & can’t do. Often we limit ourselves based on old information, maybe things are different now & those databases in your brain may need an update.  Be open to the idea.

#3: CHANGE/SHIFT – Now that you’ve looked at what you’re doing, are there changes you want to make? When we make changes in our lives, new potential arises and new possibilities unfold. Even a simple shift in perspective, or a slight change in your thoughts will create new possibilities.  When you find yourself deeply entrenched in a situation or idea, try shifting your focus to an area you may not have considered. Recognize the bigger picture at hand. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Be aware of the concept of Yin and Yang, the idea that everything has an equal opposite. See the opposite side of your thoughts and consider the possibilities that lie there. Be open to change.

#4: FORGIVE/LET GO – When we forgive ourselves and others we re-open a bridge to possibilities that we cut ourselves off from by hanging on to resentment, anger and hatred. Opening our hearts and letting go creates space for new energy and new possibilities to enter.  Forgiveness and letting go of the past, old ideas, stories and thoughts that no longer serve us are incredibly powerful ways to create major openings to shining new possibilities and unlimited potential. Read more about the Freedom of Forgiveness.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Louis B. Smedes.

#5: TRY/DO/ACT – Try new things, speak to new people, connect with strangers as you go about your day, commit to something you’ve always said you’ll do or always wanted to do but never did.  Getting yourself out of your usual routine (and sometimes out of your comfort zone) will bring new life into your realm of the possible!  Do something differently each day, learn a new skill, remove something from your life that isn’t serving you.  All of these powerful actions will bring new energy and possibilities into your life!  Now get out there & open to the infinite possibilities around you, seek them out & you will find them!

Looking for a new experience?  Check out our Intro to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Growth & Learning workshop coming up at the end of this month!

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  • I feel very inspired by the five ways to live in abundance and intend to implement them into my life’s day…every day!! Thank you so much!! Bonnie

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