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Success Stories

Watch short video testimonials from some of our clients


Success Stories

  • “You will learn more about yourself in one day than in months of soul-searching through other methods.”

    ~ Ronaye (Clinical Psychologist)

  • “The team building retreat was an incredible experience. The use of horses as an insight to personal behavior is a powerful tool. The team is very well trained and guided us well. I will be able to use what I have learned back in the work place and be more aware of how I interact with my colleagues.”

    ~ Michael (Chief Science Officer)

  • “The couples retreat went above and beyond my expectations. The experience was a great way to revisit the connection we make as a couple, and strengthen it.”

    ~ Chrysta (Marriage Family Therapy Intern)

  • “I don't know whether to say thank you or [!*$*#] you. My mom came back from this retreat a totally different person. Now when she says something she means it and sticks to it. Hate to say it but before she was a total pushover - you could just walk all over her - not any more! Thanks.”

    ~ Sara (College Student)

  • “The subtle challenges and the hands on tasks with the horses were surprisingly reflective. The retreat helped me learn to stay grounded (non-reactive) and to focus on the process in lieu of the task or end goal. I will recommend this experience to others daily!”

    ~ Amy (Chef)

  • “My time at Stand InBalance was an incredible experience but the truth is its very hard to put into words, you really have to experience it for yourself!”

    ~ Sandra (Television Producer)

  • “My experience taught me that I have value to the world just by being. I don’t have to be “doing” for someone else to be valuable. I was just being with the horse, and he followed my lead. It is a good investment in yourself to spend the day outside with the horses, learning about yourself and how you interact in the world.”

    ~ Julie (ESL Teacher)

  • “My experience at Stand InBalance was eye opening and uncovered strengths as well as weaknesses. I learned calm assertiveness and how to carry with me the feeling of being aligned.”

    ~ Andy (Liberal Studies Program Coordinator)

  • “The professional staff at Stand InBalance are great – they are experts in their field and holistic in their approach. They provide a great opportunity to draw lessons from experiential activities in a unique way.”

    ~ Mary (Director, Office of International Student Services)

  • “I cannot wait to inform others about what an excellent experience this was. The first team building retreat I actually feel I got great knowledge from! I was delighted to be in the beautiful great outdoors and extremely delighted to get to work with horses! I gained insights on how to be more assertive in certain situations and on how to empathize in others. I will definitely apply what I’ve learned when dealing with my supervisor!”

    ~ Brenda (Administrative Assistant)

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Leadership and Organizational Successes

Leadership Success Stories

  • “I came to the workshop at Stand InBalance because I noticed I was always trying to avoid what felt like confrontation to me. I found myself people pleasing and had difficulty saying no. In working with the horses, I got to experience my leadership as strong, assertive, effective and focused on the goal in the moment.”

    ~ Anne-Katherine (Corporate Professional)

  • “Today was a wonderful experience. Through connecting with the horses I began to see how my energy effects another living being.”

    ~ Trenton (Director of Testing & Sales)

  • “The InBalance Ranch is a great environment to learn about yourself. A peaceful place to be while having the opportunity to open up a treasure box full of insights.”

    ~ Molly (Human Resources)

  • “The retreat was enriching and supportive, and I learned the importance of teamwork and listening. The themes of feminine energy, congruence, and inner self-confidence were exactly what I hoped to experience in my time at the ranch.”

    ~ Elsa (Executive)

  • “I was surprised at how the horses could teach us about our work place behaviors and attitudes. The time at Stand InBalance with the horses gave us all the opportunity to see each other in action. This experience gave me time to learn more about myself. I learned that we all have things to work on with leadership, taking direction, and communication. I became aware of my own strengths and the areas that could use improvement.”

    ~ Ross (Project Coordinator)

  • “My experience at the retreat was excellent. I learned to be open, how to work as a team, and that I could be a catalyst for action.”

    ~ Christine (Corporate Professional)

  • “I was delighted at how much my employees enjoyed the experience. I learned that I need to be more confident and trust my intuition. I also realized I need to work on observing the state of mind of the person I am interacting with and to create more opportunities for acknowledgment of my employees.”

    ~ Seth (Chief Executive Officer)

  • “It was great to be reassured and reminded of my strengths in regards to actions and feelings. Through my experience at Stand InBalance, I learned that I need to maintain confidence and focus on projects in and out of the office. Through walking the horses I began to see how I can utilize the open situations in front of me. I also learned that it is important to stay calm even in the midst of frustrating and difficult situations in the workplace, and that it is important to live in the now and everything else will follow. I enjoyed the entire day at the ranch!”

    ~ David (Chief Innovation Officer)

  • “Working with Stand InBalance not only reduced my fear of horses, but also the fears I carry without a horse in sight. The treatment team hosted the sessions with insight and patience. I recommend them highly for anyone seeking solutions to those nagging questions.”

    ~ Megan (Corporate Executive)

  • “I was having difficulty with my employees. The horses taught me that it was my rigid approach that put them on the defensive. I highly recommend Stand InBalance.”

    ~ Edward (Project Manager)

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From Couples

For Couples

  • “I wanted to come back to the InBalance Ranch for the Couple's retreat to share this experience with my significant other. Working with the horses and together made me feel reconnected to my partner.”

    ~ Chrysta (Marriage Family Therapy Intern)

  • “The couple's retreat was my wife's idea and I was not sure about what the day was going to be like. The hands on horse activities were an excellent experience for us, and we learned how important teamwork is in a relationship. I would recommend this retreat to couples with or without serious problems.”

    ~ Jimmy (Broadcaster)

  • “We are getting married in a month and we wanted to do something as a couple to make sure we are aligned and continue our communication. The Stand InBalance experience was a great way to learn new things about our relationship and ourselves. We learned how to problem solve issues in creative ways.”

    ~ Sandra (Television Producer)

  • “We were drawn to the Couple's Retreat to renew a commitment to our marriage. I gained insight and perspective in who I am today, both individually and as a life partner. In working with the horses on tasks that seemed impossible at the time, I learned to stop and pay attention to what is going on around me, to be still and observe. I would recommend other couples come experience the joy!”

    ~ Terri (Mother/Wife)

  • “The couples retreat was a bonding experience, which enhanced our communication. I learned that in a relationship there is a balance of giving up some control and at other times to be willing to stand your ground and set effective boundaries. It was a great and powerful day.”

    ~ Laurent (Marketing Executive)

  • “The Couples retreat taught me that communication is the mechanism towards trust and intimacy and that I must be committed to improving this in order to improve my relationship with my husband. The environment created by the facilitators was safe, non-judgmental and nurturing while still being very professional. This was a very unique experience that is quite memorable!”

    ~ Lisa (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

  • “This is an effective, non-threatening couples session. You will still be married when you leave!”

    ~ David (Architect)


From Therapists

Equine Assisted Healing for Trauma

  • “At Stand InBalance you learn about yourself on a myriad of levels, both your Strengths & Challenges, and you learn how to integrate what you experience into your life.”

    ~ Nancy (Clinician)

  • “The horses mirrored for me perfectly what had been going on in my life that week. Rather than shutting down and giving up, I learned how to tap into my own personal power and strength, which helped me feel more centered and authentic. I learned that pushing myself at times can be a good thing.”

    ~ Stephanie (Psychotherapist)

  • “I have been wanting to experience this learning model for quite some time. Being able to face my fears in this unique and helpful way has given me a new understanding of how fear has impeded my ability to assert myself in general. Also, it became clear that I sometimes try too hard to be courageous at the expense of taking care of myself. What good insights!”

    ~ Teri (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

  • “I was drawn to the women's retreat because of the horses' ability to act as a medium to express unconscious thoughts. Through self-observation within a group of caring women I was able to explore and move on from past hurts. It was an awesome experience and exceeded my expectations!”

    ~ Nikki (Clinical Psychologist PhD)

  • “After the Stand InBalance Experience I feel I can stand taller, that I won't hurt others with my power, and that my power can be used in a constructive affirming way. I learned that I don't have to get mad or frustrated to indicate what I want, I can be clear, calm, and firm.”

    ~ Gina (Psychotherapist)

  • “Horses are magical! Through reflection on what transpired while working with the horses and asking for feedback and reflection from the other women in the group I became aware of my own energy and that of others, and how the interplay of energy is given and received in relationships.”

    ~ Leanne (Marriage Family Therapy intern)

  • “Thank you very much for providing me with some of the greatest opportunities I've ever had at getting to know myself. Especially as a budding psychotherapist, coming into contact with both the neat and not-so-neat parts of myself is pretty critical. Never could I have imagined the wealth of information and inspiration I would leave the ranch with- insights and emotions that 5-years of my own personal therapy has yet to uncover. All of your skill, attentiveness, patience, sincerity, and warmth has made my experience of equine therapy both effective and touching.”

    ~ Michelle (Psychotherapist)

  • “I found the visceral aspect of the experience most effective. I may know intellectually something about what I am experiencing, but it was very different experiencing it in my body.”

    ~ Molly (Clinician)

  • “At Stand InBalance, I learned ways to set boundaries with intention and not feel I won't be liked or hated. I came feeling anxious and fearful. I am leaving feeling a sense of confidence in my heart. After today's workshop I feel I have the power and energy in me, and can use them in a balanced way.”

    ~ Sheri (Marriage Family Therapy intern)

  • “The workshop taught me not to fear connection. Connect and move forward without hesitation once a goal is clearly established. Shed your inhibitions and fears, get familiar with your power and use it collaboratively.”

    ~ Raceal (MFT/Art Therapy Trainee)


Workshops, Retreats, Groups


  • “I cannot convey the excitement I feel about attending the next phase of my equine experience. I have to tell you that I was able to utilize the information obtained just from that first day. I had an incident that following Saturday with my ex-husband, where normally I would have been afraid, anxious and reactive. However, when I approached the situation, I remembered that my ex was really 'Violet.' So when I communicated, I used the techniques I learned from her. Well, it was the first time in my 18 years of interaction with my ex-husband that he didn't know how to reply! All went smoothly! I thank you and especially Violet!”

    ~ Rebecca (High School Teacher)

  • “Coming to Stand InBalance was a way for me to step out of my comfort zone. The workshops are a great way to expose one's tendencies and learn through interaction with others; humans, horses and donkeys.”

    ~ Adam (Human Services)

  • “I loved this group! The experiential work with the horses taught me so much. I learned that by slowing down and quieting myself I can more authentic choices.”

    ~ Lauren (Administrative Assistant)

  • “The women's retreat helped me learn to be more gentle with myself and take time to acknowledge positive changes I've made instead of focusing on the negative ones.”

    ~ Carla (Registered Nurse)

  • “I tend to rationalize as a means of shutting down and cutting off from my feelings. In the workshop I felt challenged, but that is just what I asked for. I learned to be more connected with my intuition, and not to brush it aside.”

    ~ Nikki (Clinical Psychologist)

  • “Through the series of workshops I have attended at Stand InBalance I have found the courage to move forward in my life, regardless of the fear of failure.”

    ~ Elsa (Advertising Executive)

  • “At the retreat I learned to allow myself to feel, and to not be so critical of my feelings. It was an amazing experience, and I think everyone should try it.”

    ~ Christine (Professional)

  • “For me, the activities we did with the horses, brought me into the moment and connected me to the whole group. I learned to pay attention to my feelings and to stick with it and I left the ranch with the intention of continuing to carry the feeling of being connected.”

    ~ Jeff (Fitness Coach)

  • “I came to Stand InBalance with the hope to learn how to stop saying ‘yes’ to situations that aren’t right for me or make me feel powerless & resentful. The hands on work with the horses & reflections afterwards, as well as learning from my experience and those of my peers, was very effective. I learned the power of having a clear intention and how to gracefully assert myself and set boundaries. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels they have the ‘disease to please’ and wants to change!”

    ~ Adrienne (Publicist)

  • “I highly recommend this excellent workshop. ‘People pleasing’ has been a lifelong problem for me and I came hoping for some new tools to help me in this area. I received gentle guidance to experience the energy within me and was reminded that I do have what it takes to live life. I’m enough. Nothing is lacking.”

    ~ Kathy (artist)

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Watch short video testimonials from some of our clients

Individual or Group

Equine Assisted Healing for Trauma

  • “From the experiences at Stand InBalance I have built confidence in myself and learned the power of trust. All I have learned at the ranch I can apply to my life. I think everyone should do this.”

    ~ Andie (Student)

  • “At the Stand InBalance I learned that there are golden nuggets in the fear I often feel, and that it is important to stop and pay attention when the fear hits. I always know I am going to leave here with a nugget that I will apply immediately to my life and continue to grow into.”

    ~ Becky (Life Coach)

  • “Through the experience in the women's retreat I felt myself becoming more grounded, connecting to myself, and learning how to be open to vulnerability.”

    ~ Leanne (Marriage Family Therapy Intern)

  • “By spending time with the horses, and having the Stand InBalance team help reflect the dynamic taking place I learned a great deal about myself. I felt more connected and strong in myself and in my relationship with others. Most importantly I learned that I am OK and good enough the way I am. These lessons exceeded my expectations of what the experience would be like, and I will apply them in my life.”

    ~ April (Marriage Family Therapy Intern)

  • “At Stand InBalance I was able to reduce my fear by just being near the horses. I felt more relaxed if I just trusted myself to do what felt right, and I learned I don't have to be perfect.”

    ~ Anna (School Teacher)



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