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Why Horses

thundering hooves

The horse “flies across the landscape with thundering hooves as if to run out of its own skin for the love of freedom.” (The Book of Symbols)

Horses have an evolutionary history dating back 50 million years, and ancient cave paintings indicate that these magnificent beings have been important to humans ever since the Stone Age. Through our travels, wars, adventures, and conquests, they have been alongside us each step of the way. Because we no longer rely on horses as we did in the past, we have begun to relate to them in a whole new way. Today, they not only partner with us in sport and recreation, they are also our partners in emotional growth and healing. In fact, horses have a great deal to teach us about modern living and how […]


Are you Being Mindful?

Why Mindfulness is Important – 10 Benefits of Mindfulness and How to do it!

What is mindfulness? You may have heard about it, you may know somewhere in the back of your mind that it’s supposed to be a good thing or maybe you are an experienced practitioner. Whatever your relationship with mindfulness, let’s take a moment to be mindful about mindfulness!

Mindfulness – What is it? Mindfulness is being truly connected, aware and present in the moment. When we are being mindful, we are not only paying attention to what’s going on outside and around us, we are also paying attention to what’s going on within us.  We are paying attention to it all!  We are focused, we are awake, we are HERE, now. Mindfulness is an activity and requires effort. […]


Horse Wisdom – Mindfulness

Grace* came to Stand InBalance to work through some childhood emotional and physical trauma.  In one particular session, she was working with “Star”, a horse she wasn’t too familiar with. Star had a “horsenality” that required one to be more tuned into his subtle, non-verbal cues than the donkey she normally worked with. Knowing this about Star had already created some anxiety within Grace. In response, Star quickly reflected his awareness of her mental state by flattening back ears back as she approached.  Grace apprehensively tried again, putting her hand out. Again, Star was said “nope!” and flattened his ears while glaring at her.

When asked how she was feeling, Grace shared that she knew this horse was “harder” than the donkey and was worried about “failing” at the simple task of […]


Horse Wisdom – Embracing Change

Change isn’t always easy. Even a change for the good can be difficult. One of the benefits of working with equines is being able to witness their behavior shift and change as the human working with them shifts and changes. It could be the littlest thing like a sigh or a big bolt of energy, or something as simple as a walk.

April* came to Stand InBalance because she felt stuck in her life and was falling into a deep depression. She had moved away from a town she loved dearly in order to pursue her career. While she knew it was the right decision, she felt lost and was not as happy in her life as she had been before the move.

After meeting the 4-leggeds, April* felt particularly drawn […]


7 Steps to Joy

“Joy is not in things; it is in us.”- Richard Wagner

Joy is a primary emotion. Think of babies (or puppies). Most of the time, they are pretty joyful without needing anything special, except their basic needs being met, to be so. That joy exists within each & every one of us. We don’t need a fancy car or some external pleasure to be joyful. We only need to learn to access the joy already within us. It may seem too good to be true – but it is possible and it becomes easier and easier with practice. Give it a try, you may like your results!

Here are 7 steps to unlock your inner JOY!


HORSE STORIES – How horses bring JOY!

We asked some of our friends that work with or own horses, to tell us how HORSES bring JOY to them.  Here are their stories:

Humans have been connected to the spirit of the horse for centuries. We see ourselves in their behavior and our world in their eyes. A horse’s joy is boundless. When turning out my horse in an empty arena with some of his friends (or even by himself) He will buck and prance and run around for no reason other than for a resounding WOOHOO, THIS IS AWESOME!! His tail perks up, head held high, he’ll jump and twist and kick. Then he’ll drop to the ground and roll all the way over on either side, jump up and run around again. Just happy to be […]



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