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5 Ways to Live in Abundance!

You may have heard of the “Law of Abundance.”  This spiritual law states that there is unlimited abundance in the Universe, which is constantly expanding, and that there is enough for everyone and everything. Whether you believe this idea or not, cultivating more abundance in our lives is a desire many of us share.

True abundance is more than having a lot of money, possessions, or quantifiable items.  Plenty of people have lots of money or success and still feel a sense of lack or inadequacy. When we live in abundance, we feel happier and more fulfilled and our prosperity continues to grow. Generating abundance and prosperity in your life does not require obtaining anything external, it starts with you! Once you begin generating the mindset and actions of abundance, you may find that your tangible outer wealth will begin to match that of your energetic inner wealth, however you are more likely to realize that your inner wealth is a far more valuable commodity.

Check out these 5 simple methods for increasing Abundance in your life.

#1 – Be Open – The first step to cultivating abundance of any type is being open to receiving it. Often times, we can find ourselves thinking in a mindset of lack. We worry that there won’t be enough for us, and believe that we have to grab or take from others or hold on very tightly to what we have or we may lose it. This fear based thinking causes us to close ourselves off to the idea that there is plenty for everyone (ourselves included!). When we go through our days constantly focusing on lack, we often miss opportunities that are right there in front of us. When we cling to things so tightly, whether it be our possessions, ideas or outcomes, we keep ourselves from opening to the possibility of even greater happiness and abundance coming to us. So, first things first, be OPEN. Let the possibility exist that at any moment something wonderful is about to happen.

#2 – Be Receptive – In order to have continued abundance, it is necessary to be willing to receive it. It may seem surprising, but many of us have a hard time receiving our own abundance (whether it be a gift, a job offer, praise from a friend or a helping hand), because we don’t think that we are deserving of it. Kick that idea out of your mind right now! We are all deserving of our own abundance.  What comes to you naturally is meant for you, just as it is meant for me, and all of the rest of the beings on this planet. Give yourself a good dose of self love and allow yourself to be abundant. When your abundance is flowing it does not take away from the abundance of others. In fact, quite the opposite, when you receive you allow others to give, which increases their abundance as well. Allow yourself to be an inspiration to others to receive their own abundance by receiving yours.

#3 – Let go of “how” –  When we get a certain idea in our heads about what our abundance is supposed to look like we can get stuck outside of the stream, trying to force something that isn’t meant to be. Meanwhile, all kinds of amazing-ness is flowing right past us while we try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Forget about the details for a moment. Forget about “how” everything is supposed to happen in order for you to “have it all” and get back to basics. What do you want? Ultimately, what is it? It’s probably not a singular item or goal, it’s probably what you think you will get once you have that item or achieve that goal. So, what is that thing? Is it happiness, love, peace, joy, satisfaction?  It could be many of these things and then some. Pinpoint and focus on that which you ultimately want and give the rest of the specifics a bit of leeway. Your abundance will come in the form of that which you most truly desire, but the way in which you obtain those things may look very different from what you had expected. If you can let go of control of “how” it’s going to happen, then you can focus solely on allowing it to happen and see what unfolds. Allowing is a path to great abundance.

#4 – Give unconditionally more often – This may sound backwards to some; if you are giving things away more doesn’t that equate to having less? But just follow me for a moment. Often times, we forget about just all of the things that we DO have. This can lead us to a mindset of lack or of wanting more because we aren’t recognizing that which we do have. When we give to others, we are reminded that we do in fact have much to give! When we give away something tangible, we give ourselves the good feelings of making someone else feel good, the freedom from that object, the recognition that we do not need it, and we create the space in our lives for new items to come in. We keep the natural flow of abundance moving.  When we give something non-tangible, the effects can be even more powerful. When we give our attention, love, support, a kind word or a friendly gesture to another, we open up a great wealth of never ending gifts within ourselves. The more we give, the more we have. When our giving is unconditional, with no expectation of anything in return, we are truly tapped into our own inner wealth and are acting in a manner that recognizes our own unlimited abundance.

#5 – Focus on what you have – When we shift our focus to all of the things that we do have and everything that we already have to offer, instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we are instantly made aware of our already existing abundance. Being grateful for that which we do have, shifts us into the energy of abundance and away from the empty feelings of lack. Like attracts like, so when we recognize and are grateful for our existing abundance, we attract additional abundance. And it just keeps coming and coming and we keep recognizing it and being grateful!

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  • Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I’m reading this on the day of the winter solstice. On the darkest day of the year I appreciate all the light in my life.

    Val and company… Thank You for your newsletters and the special work you do. Many blessings for the new year❣️

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