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Personal Growth & Development

As healing professionals, it is essential that we attend to our own needs for self-care, and self-development.  And, as we all know, the more we do our own internal work the stronger our clinical skills and the more successful our practices.

Our general workshops, retreats, and private sessions offer profound opportunities to connect with one’s inner self, deepen awareness, enhance relationships, and gain greater equanimity.

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Personal Growth and Development


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Stand InBalance is located in the beautiful
Santa Monica Mountains just 45 minutes west of Los Angeles


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  • Client Successes

    “I came to Stand InBalance with the hope to learn how to stop saying ‘yes’ to situations that aren’t right for me or make me feel powerless & resentful. The hands on work with the horses & reflections afterwards, as well as learning from my experience and those of my peers, was very effective. I learned the power of having a clear intention and how to gracefully assert myself and set boundaries. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels they have the ‘disease to please’ and wants to change!”

    ~ Adrienne (Publicist)

  • “When we Stand InBalance, we have the awareness, resilience, and flexibility needed to make the world a better place — one person, couple, family, and business at a time.”

    ~ Dr. Val,  Stand InBalance

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