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The Freedom of Forgiveness

Horses are amazingly resilient and very forgiving.  Watch a herd for any period of time and you’ll see that just like any other social group they have their share of skirmishes and disagreements, yet they quickly let it go, re-connect as a herd, and move on with the business at hand.

Success StoriesIn contrast, for us humans, letting go and moving forward can be extremely challenging.  Whether we have experienced a bruised ego or a serious physical or emotional violation, learning how to let go of resentment and anger is essential for our physical and emotional well-being.

Virtually everyone has experienced being hurt by the words or actions of another.  Maybe you were bullied at school, had a colleague sabotage a work project, or your spouse betrayed you.  When we have been hurt – […]

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Why Horses

thundering hooves

The horse “flies across the landscape with thundering hooves as if to run out of its own skin for the love of freedom.” (The Book of Symbols)

Horses have an evolutionary history dating back 50 million years, and ancient cave paintings indicate that these magnificent beings have been important to humans ever since the Stone Age. Through our travels, wars, adventures, and conquests, they have been alongside us each step of the way. Because we no longer rely on horses as we did in the past, we have begun to relate to them in a whole new way. Today, they not only partner with us in sport and recreation, they are also our partners in emotional growth and healing. In fact, horses have a great deal to teach us about modern living and how […]

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    “Working with Stand InBalance not only reduced my fear of horses, but also the fears I carry without a horse in sight. The treatment team hosted the sessions with insight and patience. I recommend them highly for anyone seeking solutions to those nagging questions.”

    ~ Megan (Corporate Executive)

  • “When we Stand InBalance, we have the awareness, resilience, and flexibility needed to make the world a better place — one person, couple, family, and business at a time.”

    ~ Dr. Val,  Stand InBalance

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